E-Car GD04B is a small electric vehicle that is being sold in Russia since 2013. Car comes with not very powerful 8 hp (6 kW) engine which lets the car to achieve maximum speed of 50 km/h. With fully charged battery it is possible to travel about 150 km. Car can be charged with current of 220 V and has two charging modes – “normal” mode fully charges the battery in 5 hours which makes battery life cycle to be 5 years and another one is “balance” – it takes 10 hours to charge it, but battery life cycle extends to 10 years. Vehicle is popular between food delivery companies because it is a good car to deliver food in cities, however between casual users E-Car GD04B is not very popular because of the low top-speed. Car is being manufactured in China and it is created by Shandong Shifeng Group. 100 units of GD04B are delivered to Russia every month.